Module org.dyn4j

Class TimeOfImpactAdapter

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      • TimeOfImpactAdapter

        public TimeOfImpactAdapter()
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      • collision

        public boolean collision​(Body body1,
                                 BodyFixture fixture1,
                                 Body body2,
                                 BodyFixture fixture2,
                                 TimeOfImpact toi)
        Description copied from interface: TimeOfImpactListener
        Called when a time of impact has been detected between two bodies.

        Returning true from this method indicates that the collision of these two Bodys should be processed (solved).

        The values of the toi parameter can be changed in this method.

        Specified by:
        collision in interface TimeOfImpactListener
        body1 - the first Body
        fixture1 - the first Body's fixture
        body2 - the second Body
        fixture2 - the second Body's fixture
        toi - the TimeOfImpact
        boolean true if the collision should be handled