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tailIterator(E) - Method in class org.dyn4j.BinarySearchTree
Returns the in-order (ascending) iterator starting from the given node.
tangent - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactConstraint
The tangent of the normal
tangentialImpulse - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.SolvedContactPoint
The accumulated tangential impulse
tangentSpeed - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactConstraint
The surface speed of the contact patch
target - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.PinJoint
The world space target point
tested - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.BruteForceBroadphaseNode
Whether the node has been tested or not
tested - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.DynamicAABBTreeLeaf
Flag used to determine if a node has been tested before
tested - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.SapProxy
Whether the proxy has been tested or not
time - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.continuous.TimeOfImpact
The time of impact in the range [0, 1]
timeOfImpact - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.ConvexCastResult
The time of impact information
TimeOfImpact - Class in org.dyn4j.collision.continuous
Represents the time of impact information between two objects.
TimeOfImpact() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.collision.continuous.TimeOfImpact
Default constructor.
TimeOfImpact(double, Separation) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.collision.continuous.TimeOfImpact
Full constructor.
TimeOfImpactAdapter - Class in org.dyn4j.dynamics
Convenience class for implementing the TimeOfImpactListener interface.
TimeOfImpactAdapter() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.dynamics.TimeOfImpactAdapter
timeOfImpactDetector - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.World
TimeOfImpactDetector - Interface in org.dyn4j.collision.continuous
Interface representing a time of impact algorithm.
TimeOfImpactListener - Interface in org.dyn4j.dynamics
Interface to listen for time of impact events.
timeOfImpactSolver - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.World
TimeOfImpactSolver - Class in org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact
Represents a position solver for a pair of Bodys who came in contact during a time step but where not detected by the discrete collision detectors.
TimeOfImpactSolver() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.TimeOfImpactSolver
to - Variable in class org.dyn4j.BinarySearchTreeIterator
The value to end iteration; can be null
to(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
Creates a Vector2 from this Vector2 to the given Vector2.
to(double, double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
Creates a Vector3 from this Vector3 to the given Vector3.
to(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
Creates a Vector2 from this Vector2 to the given Vector2.
to(Vector3) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
Creates a Vector3 from this Vector3 to the given Vector3.
toArray() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.hull.LinkedVertexHull
Returns a new array representing this convex hull.
toDegrees() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Rotation
Returns the angle in degrees for this Rotation.
TOP - org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.MonotoneChainType
Indicates that the vertex is on the top chain of a x-monotone polygon
toRadians() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Rotation
Returns the angle in radians for this Rotation.
torque - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Body
The current torque
torque - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Torque
The point where the Force is applied in world coordinates
Torque - Class in org.dyn4j.dynamics
Represents a torque about the z-axis.
Torque() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Torque
Default constructor.
Torque(double) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Torque
Creates a Torque using specified torque value.
Torque(Torque) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Torque
Copy constructor.
torques - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Body
The torque accumulator
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.BinarySearchTree
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.BinarySearchTreeNode
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.AxisAlignedBounds
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.BroadphaseItem
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.BroadphaseKey
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.BroadphasePair
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.BruteForceBroadphaseNode
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.DynamicAABBTreeLeaf
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.DynamicAABBTreeNode
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.LazyAABBTreeLeaf
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.LazyAABBTreeNode
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.SapProxy
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.CategoryFilter
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.continuous.TimeOfImpact
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.Fixture
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.manifold.IndexedManifoldPointId
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.manifold.Manifold
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.manifold.ManifoldPoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.ExpandingSimplexEdge
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.MinkowskiSum
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.MinkowskiSumPoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.PairwiseTypedFallbackCondition
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.Penetration
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.Raycast
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.Separation
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.SingleTypedFallbackCondition
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.TypeFilter
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Body
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.BodyFixture
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Capacity
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Constraint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.Contact
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactConstraint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactConstraintId
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactPoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactPointId
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.PersistedContactPoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.SolvedContactPoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.ConvexCastResult
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.DetectResult
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Force
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.InteractionEdge
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.AngleJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.DistanceJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.FrictionJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.Joint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.MotorJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.PinJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.PrismaticJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.PulleyJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.RevoluteJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.RopeJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.WeldJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.WheelJoint
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.RaycastResult
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Settings
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Step
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Torque
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AABB
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AbstractShape
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AdaptiveDecimal
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Capsule
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Circle
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.DoubleEdgeListFace
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.DoubleEdgeListHalfEdge
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.DoubleEdgeListVertex
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.EarClippingVertex
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.MonotonePolygon
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.MonotoneVertex
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.SweepLineEdge
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.SweepLineVertex
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.EdgeFeature
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Ellipse
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.HalfEllipse
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.hull.LinkedVertex
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.hull.LinkedVertexHull
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Interval
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Link
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Mass
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Matrix22
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Matrix33
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.PointFeature
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Polygon
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Ray
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Rectangle
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Rotation
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Segment
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Slice
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Triangle
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
toString() - Method in class org.dyn4j.Reference
toVector() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Rotation
Returns this Rotation as a unit length direction vector.
toVector(double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Rotation
Returns this Rotation as a direction vector with the given magnitude.
transform - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractBounds
transform - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractCollidable
The current Transform
transform(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
Transforms the given Vector2 and places the result in the given Vector2.
Transform - Class in org.dyn4j.geometry
Represents a transformation matrix.
Transform() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
Default public constructor
Transform(Transform) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
Public copy constructor constructor
transform0 - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Body
The beginning transform for CCD
transform1 - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.MinkowskiSum
The first Convex's Transform
transform2 - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.MinkowskiSum
The second Convex's Transform
Transformable - Interface in org.dyn4j.geometry
Represents an object that is both Rotatable and Translatable.
transformR(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
Transforms the given Vector2 only by the rotation and returns the result in the given Vector2.
transformX(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
Transforms only the x coordinate of the given Vector2 and places the result in the x field of the given Vector2.
transformY(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
Transforms only the y coordinate of the given Vector2 and places the result in the y field of the given Vector2.
Translatable - Interface in org.dyn4j.geometry
Represents an object that can be translated or moved in the x-y plane.
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractBounds
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractCollidable
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AABB
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AbstractShape
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Capsule
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.HalfEllipse
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Link
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Polygon
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Segment
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Slice
translate(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
translate(double, double) - Method in interface org.dyn4j.geometry.Translatable
Translates the object the given amounts in the respective directions.
translate(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractBounds
translate(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractCollidable
translate(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AABB
translate(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AbstractShape
translate(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Transform
translate(Vector2) - Method in interface org.dyn4j.geometry.Translatable
Translates the object along the given vector.
translateToOrigin() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractCollidable
translateToOrigin() - Method in interface org.dyn4j.collision.Collidable
Translates the center of the Collidable to the world space origin (0,0).
transpose() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Matrix22
Sets this Matrix22 to the transpose of this Matrix22.
transpose() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Matrix33
Sets this Matrix33 to the transpose of this Matrix33.
tree - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.Sap
Sorted tree set of proxies
tree - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.SweepLineState
The edge binary tree
Triangle - Class in org.dyn4j.geometry
Implementation of a Triangle Convex Shape.
Triangle(Vector2, Vector2, Vector2) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.geometry.Triangle
Full constructor.
triangulate(Vector2...) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.EarClipping
triangulate(Vector2...) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.SweepLine
triangulate(Vector2...) - Method in interface org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.Triangulator
Performs the triangulation on the given polygon returning a list of Triangles.
triangulateYMonotonePolygon(MonotonePolygon<DoubleEdgeListVertex>) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.DoubleEdgeList
Triangulates the given y-monotone polygon adding the new diagonals to this DCEL.
triangulateYMonotonePolygons() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.DoubleEdgeList
Performs a triangulation of the DCEL assuming all faces are Monotone Y polygons.
Triangulator - Interface in org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose
Represents an algorithm to triangulate a given polygon (as a list of points) into Triangles.
tripleProduct(Vector2, Vector2, Vector2) - Static method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
The triple product of Vector2s is defined as:
tripleProduct(Vector3, Vector3, Vector3) - Static method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
The triple product of Vector3s is defined as:
twin - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.DoubleEdgeListHalfEdge
The adjacent twin of this half edge
TWO_PI - Static variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Geometry
2 * PI constant
type - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.MonotonePolygon
The type of monotone polygon
type - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.SweepLineVertex
The vertex type
type - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Mass
The mass type
TypedFallbackCondition - Class in org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase
Represents a FallbackCondition that uses the Convex's class type to determine which pairs will be detected by the fallback NarrowphaseDetector.
TypedFallbackCondition() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.TypedFallbackCondition
Default constructor.
TypedFallbackCondition(int) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.TypedFallbackCondition
Optional constructor.
TypeFilter - Class in org.dyn4j.collision
A base implementation of a class hierarchy Fixture Filter.
TypeFilter() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.collision.TypeFilter
TYPICAL_FIXTURE_COUNT - Static variable in interface org.dyn4j.collision.Collidable
Number of fixtures typically attached to a Collidable
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