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narrowphaseDetector - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.World
NarrowphaseDetector - Interface in org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase
Represents an algorithm to detect whether two Convex Shapes are penetrating/overlapping each other.
narrowphasePostProcessor - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.World
NarrowphasePostProcessor - Interface in org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase
Interface used to modify the narrow-phase collision information before being sent to listeners.
negate() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AdaptiveDecimal
Negates the logical value of this AdaptiveDecimal.
negate() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
Negates this Vector2.
negate() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
Negates this Vector3.
NEWTON_METER_TO_FOOT_POUND - Static variable in class org.dyn4j.UnitConversion
1 newton-meter = UnitConversion.NEWTON_METER_TO_FOOT_POUND foot-pounds
NEWTON_TO_POUND - Static variable in class org.dyn4j.UnitConversion
1 newton = UnitConversion.NEWTON_TO_POUND pound-force
newtonMetersToFootPounds(double) - Static method in class org.dyn4j.UnitConversion
Converts newton-meters to foot-pounds.
newtonsToPounds(double) - Static method in class org.dyn4j.UnitConversion
Converts newtons to pound-force.
next - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.DoubleEdgeListHalfEdge
The adjacent edge next in the list having the same face
next - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.EarClippingVertex
The next vertex
next - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.MonotoneVertex
The next vertex in CCW winding
next - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.SweepLineVertex
The next vertex in Counter-Clockwise order
next - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.hull.LinkedVertex
The next vertex
next - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Link
The next link in the chain
next() - Method in class org.dyn4j.BinarySearchTreeIterator
next() - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.FixtureIterator
next() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.BodyIterator
next() - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.JointIterator
next() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.WoundIterator
NONE - org.dyn4j.dynamics.ContinuousDetectionMode
CCD is not performed at all
normal - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.manifold.Manifold
The penetration normal
normal - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.ExpandingSimplexEdge
The normal of the edge
normal - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.Penetration
The normalized axis of projection
normal - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.Raycast
The normal at the hit point
normal - Variable in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.Separation
The normalized axis of separation
normal - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactConstraint
The penetration normal
normal - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactPoint
The world space contact normal
NORMAL - org.dyn4j.geometry.MassType
Indicates a normal mass
normalImpulse - Variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.SolvedContactPoint
The accumulated normal impulse
normalize() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AdaptiveDecimal
Ensures this AdaptiveDecimal has at least one component.
normalize() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
Converts this Vector2 into a unit Vector2 and returns the magnitude before normalization.
normalize() - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
Converts this Vector3 into a unit Vector3 and returns the magnitude before normalization.
normals - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Polygon
The polygon normals
normals - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Segment
The segment normals
normals - Variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Slice
The normals of the polygonal sides
NOT_INDEXED - Static variable in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Feature
Index for non-indexed vertices
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