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E - Static variable in class org.dyn4j.Epsilon
The double precision floating point machine epsilon approximation
EarClipping - Class in org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose
Implementation of the Ear Clipping convex decomposition algorithm for simple polygons.
EarClipping() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.geometry.decompose.EarClipping
EARTH_GRAVITY - Static variable in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.World
Earths gravity constant
EdgeFeature - Class in org.dyn4j.geometry
Implementation of an edge Feature of a Shape.
EdgeFeature(PointFeature, PointFeature, PointFeature, Vector2, int) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.geometry.EdgeFeature
Creates an edge feature.
Ellipse - Class in org.dyn4j.geometry
Implementation of an Ellipse Convex Shape.
Ellipse(double, double) - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.geometry.Ellipse
Minimal constructor.
end(ContactConstraint) - Method in interface org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactManager
Manually ends the contacts associated with the given ContactConstraint.
end(ContactConstraint) - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.DefaultContactManager
end(ContactPoint) - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactAdapter
end(ContactPoint) - Method in interface org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactListener
Called when two BodyFixtures begin to separate.
end(Step, World) - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.StepAdapter
end(Step, World) - Method in interface org.dyn4j.dynamics.StepListener
Called after a simulation step has been performed.
Epa - Class in org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase
Epa, or Expanding Polytope Algorithm, is used to find the penetration depth and vector given the final simplex of Gjk.
Epa() - Constructor for class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.Epa
Epsilon - Class in org.dyn4j
Class containing an approximation of machine epsilon.
EQUAL - org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint.LimitState
The state if the upper and lower limits are equal within tolerance
equals(double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
Returns true if the x and y components of this Vector2 are the same as the given x and y components.
equals(double, double, double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
Returns true if the x, y and z components of this Vector3 are the same as the given x, y and z components.
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.AbstractCollidable
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.BroadphaseItem
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.broadphase.BroadphasePair
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.CategoryFilter
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.Fixture
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.manifold.IndexedManifoldPointId
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.AbstractFallbackCondition
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.PairwiseTypedFallbackCondition
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.collision.narrowphase.SingleTypedFallbackCondition
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.Capacity
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactConstraintId
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.dynamics.contact.ContactPointId
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Mass
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Matrix22
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Matrix33
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
equals(Object) - Method in class org.dyn4j.Reference
equals(Vector2) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector2
Returns true if the x and y components of this Vector2 are the same as the given Vector2.
equals(Vector3) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Vector3
Returns true if the x and y components of this Vector3 are the same as the given Vector3.
evaluate(E) - Method in interface org.dyn4j.BinarySearchTreeSearchCriteria
Evaluates the current comparable determining which child to navigate to next.
expand(double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.AABB
Expands this AABB by half the given expansion in each direction and then returns this AABB.
expand(double) - Method in class org.dyn4j.geometry.Interval
Expands this Interval by half the given amount in both directions.
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